Things You Need to Do After Being Arrested for DUI 

If you’ve recently just been arrested for driving under influence, particularly when it’s your first DUI case, then this time can be confusing and frightening. Perhaps you’re still unsure what steps must you take first and you’re still looking for ways to make sure that you’ve formulated the defense that you need. You may also be afraid of the thought that you can lose your driver’s license automatically.  

Regardless if you only sipped one drink or none at all, the DUI arrest’s results could be similar and you must fight this case if you can. Although, immediately taking the right steps after you got arrested is crucial to your trial’s outcome and the protection. If you want to know the steps that must be done after being arrested for DUI, then read the full details below: 


Make sure to take the chemical test 

Doing so is mandated by almost all states. If you refuse to take this test, then you can be punished under the law. The chemical test is intended to display different information, most primarily your current level of BAC or blood alcohol concentration. Based on this level, the officers will be able to know how much alcohol do you have in your blood while you were arrested. When you don’t want to do field sobriety tests, then you probably should get ready to lose a lot. Meaning, just take the test and don’t refuse to do so.  

Reach out to a DUI lawyer 

When it comes to DUI court trials, you should never get a general lawyer. Remember that DUI laws are complicated and will need a deeper understanding of the legal system in extremely particular regard. While some lawyers can represent you in court, only a trained and experienced DUI lawyer can help you win your defense and get away with this conviction.  

Look for a bail bondsman 

After an arrest, posting bail is usually needed. While a lot of people can be released without bail, other instances would need the help of a bondsman. Such people will need an upfront free. After paying the fee, they will be posting bail for you. Even if this task can be costly, you’ll still pay less compared to paying for your whole bail to the court. Rest assured that a decent bail bondsman will be attending your hearings. When you refuse to appear during such hearings, then they will usually come search for you.  

Get ready for your indictment 

After requesting a DMV hearing, you need to get ready for your arraignment. This is the part of your trial wherein you will be establishing your plea. Never plead guilty. You can win the case and fight DUI charges. But the key is to guarantee that you’ve hired expert, experienced Fort Myers DUI lawyers to effectively do this. A not guilty plea will provide you a jury trial wherein you can challenge the case’s merits in another way or to prove that you’re not intoxicated during your drunk driving arrest.